Quarter Master® 5.5" Optimum Ultra-V Clutch Kits

Lake Zurich, IL - The leading name in clutch technology introduces lightweight 5.5" Optimum Ultra-V Clutch Kits and Upgrade Kits for asphalt Super, Limited and Crate Late Models.

The new 5.5" Optimum Ultra-V Clutch from Quarter Master® is available in both two and three-disc systems. Specifically designed for the weight-conscience racer, this new clutch features significant advantages over those offered by other manufacturers, including lower overall weight and moment-of-inertia (MOI). These advantages are achieved by utilizing a two-piece aluminum pressure plate (fulcrum ring) in combination with a drilled steel floater plate, drilled steel intermediate floater plates, and an aluminum flywheel button that accepts the drilled steel floater plate as a friction surface. In addition, the revised and lightened one-piece chromoly ring gear adds to the overall weight reduction. The new design also greatly increases holding capacity. The three-disc Optimum Ultra-V is rated at over 1200 ft./lbs. of torque (two-disc rated at over 800 ft./lbs.). This is almost twice the holding capacity of rival models, making the two-disc Optimum Ultra-V capable of holding more power than the competition’s three-disc unit. Conversion kits for racers currently using the existing 5.5? Optimum-V Clutch Unit make the upgrade to the Optimum Ultra-V an easy process; both units use the same cover assembly. Complete upgrade kits include all the necessary components to change to the light-weight system at a cost-effective price.

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