7.25 Inch Optimum-V Clutch Kits For Mitsubishi Evo X And DSM

Lake Zurich, IL – The leading name in clutch technology releases 7.25" Optimum-V kits specific to the Mitsubishi Evolution X and first generation DSM for high-performance street and race applications.

Building upon the successful debut of the 7.25" Optimum-V for the earlier Mitsubishi Evolution models, Quarter Master® immediately looked to fulfill the wishes of drivers of the Mitsubishi Evolution X and the early model DSM. Development focused on bringing the same tested-tough technology to drivers of all generations of performance-driven Mitsubishi.

Available in hardcore race and street versions, the re-buildable, modular, professional racing-derived 7.25" 8-leg Optimum-V utilizes the latest gear-drive technology with .250" thick rally friction material that allows for quicker, smoother shifting between gears, extends the life of the input shaft, and reduces the chatter upon engagement. The pressure plate and floater plate are slotted for optimum gas evacuation and superior cooling of the clutch unit. Street and race version flywheels share an integral ring gear, a first for the DSM model, meaning that owners will no longer face the inconvenience of sourcing and installing the ring gear onto the flywheel.

The street model uses a heavier flywheel to make day-to-day driving of the clutch unit easier. In addition, kits for the Mitsubishi Evolution X also include the ultra-reliable Universal Hydraulic Release Bearing and adapter to replace the stock unit. This will convert the troublesome pull-style actuator to a more reliable and smoother feeling push-type release bearing. All DSM models can use the stock radius-faced bearing assembly in those applications.

About Quarter Master®
Quarter Master® began operations in 1958, and since that date, Quarter Master® products have enjoyed a history of track-proven results.

Quarter Master® products are built to exceed racers’ demands and the need for reliability, high-performance and durability. Our passion and our commitment are to the racer’s ultimate goal…winning!

For more information on Quarter Master® and its products, visit us at www.quartermasterusa.com, or call us at 1.888.258.8241. Also follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/QuarterMasterWins or on Twitter at twitter.com/QMClutches, or visit us on YouTube at CPGNationTV.com.

Media Contact: Dan Hodgdon, dhodgdon@compcams.com, 901.795.2400, ext. 637.

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