Close Competition Highlights COMP Cams Engine Builder Duel Contests At 2014 Car Craft Street Machine Nationals

Du Quoin, IL – The COMP Cams® Engine Builder Duel hit the Car Craft Street Machine Nationals for the second straight year in 2014, with the largest margin of victory during the weekend’s competitions being just under two minutes.

With close contests and skilled participants, the COMP Cams® Engine Builder Duel is one of the most exciting parts of any major automotive event. Each duel pits a pair of two-person teams head to head to see which one can assemble and crank a Small Block Chevy in the shortest amount of time. Armed with only their knowledge and the tools on hand, the participants may not ask questions of anyone in the audience.

The duels held on June 27-29 in Du Quoin, Illinois, certainly did not disappoint the fans on hand during the Car Craft Street Machine Nationals. The single contest on Friday, June 27th, was the closest of the weekend’s four competitions, as Larry and Aaron Johnson of Team FAST™ finished with a time of 41:45 to barely edge Team COMP® members Dan Lewis and James Milburn’s 42:05 mark. Two competitions were held on Saturday, June 28th, with Team FAST™ again taking home the win in the morning contest. Nick and Jesse Watts turned in a time of 33:42 to defeat the 35:00 effort turned in by Jim Cagle and Stew Langer of Team COMP®. The Team COMP® participants saw their luck turn around in the weekend’s final two duels however. On Saturday afternoon Jim Dixon and Todd Davis of Team COMP® completed their build in 30:18 as compared to the 31:03 mark of Todd and Roger Davis of Team FAST™. Finally, on Sunday, June 29th, Vinnie and Michael Morrison of Team COMP® turned in a time of 37:01 to claim the victory over Josh and Jacob Wright of Team FAST™ and their time of 37:45.

For their efforts, the winners on each team received a $250 COMP Cams® product certificate, while the runners-up collected $125 in COMP® products. The COMP Cams® Engine Builder Duel returns in St. Paul, Minnesota, on July 18-20 during the Car Craft Summer Nationals.

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