Quarter Master 1.4 kW Ultra-Duty Starter For Idler Gear Clutchless Bellhousing Kits

Lake Zurich, IL – This new hand-built starter from Quarter Master® serves as a reverse-mount, standard-rotation replacement for Bert, Brinn or Falcon bellhousings using an idler gear.

Quarter Master® has poured years of racing experience and engineering know-how into its 1.4 kW Ultra-Duty™ Starter for Idler Gear Clutchless Bellhousing Kits. Designed specifically for dirt racing applications, the starter features quality components selected by racing experts to ensure no inferior imitation components are used. Each starter mounting block is also CNC-machined for a perfect fit. A race-purpose solenoid is designed to endure vibration and heat, while being able to engage in low-voltage situations.

Quarter Master® installs its own pinion gear featuring a lightweight head as well; the result is much tighter tolerance in runout and makes for a very efficient flywheel engagement. Gear-reduction engineering also produces increased torque output at the ring gear. Meanwhile ball bearing construction is utilized to withstand higher engine temperatures and extreme operating conditions. Quarter Master® meticulously inspects and tunes each part before hand-assembling the starter, and every one is then tested to ensure the customer receives the utmost in performance and quality. The Quarter Master® 1.4 kW Ultra-Duty™ Starter for Idler Gear Clutchless Bellhousing Kits is blueprinted and hand-built in the USA for reliable performance race after race.

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