COMP Performance Group™ Involvement Goes Beyond Event Sponsorship

2007 Drag Week winner uses COMP Cams® valve train to power 7-second street car

The 2007 Drag Week presented by TCI® and co-sponsored by COMP Cams® was packed full of racing and on the spot repairs in the pits. Contestants had great weather and heavy competition with a total of 122 pre-registered racer in 10 classes ranging from daily drivers to all out 7-second street cars. Contestants didn’t just drag race; they repaired and long hauled their vehicles for an entire week, testing the definition of “street car”. The 1,000 mile, round trip journey and relentless back to back 1/4 mile passes took its toll on some vehicles, but in the end it was ProRides 1967 Camaro that walked away with the TCI® sponsored Gibson Guitar and title of the 2007 Drag Week champion. With an average E.T. of 7.80 for the entire week and a blistering quarter mile pass of 7.64 in a street driven vehicle also gave them the Fastest Real Street Car in America title. “We never touched the valve train the entire week. 1,000 miles and all 7-second passes! Without changing valve springs, rocker arms, etc” says car owner Denny Terzich, commenting on the durability of his COMP Cams® valve train.

Three of the COMP Performance Group™ companies: TCI®, COMP Cams® and ZEX™ offered support for racers throughout the week. ZEX™ filled contestants’ nitrous bottles for free, regardless of the nitrous kit manufacture to help save money and solve availability issues for nitrous powered racers. COMP Cams® and TCI® offered technical help as well as an inventory of parts for those on the spot repairs ranging from bent pushrods to broken rocker arm studs. The COMP Performance Group™ helped more than a handful of races complete the week by offering their services and support. One racer even purchases a ZEX™ nitrous kit and installed it in the pits just in time to make the 32 vehicle field in the Daily Driver class. For video footage of the entire Drag Week competition and the COMP Performance Group™ involvement go to www.powerperformanctv.com. For more information about the COMP Performance Group™, visit us online at www.compperformancegroupe.com

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