COMP Cams® NHRA Stock Eliminator Camshaft For 375hp/396cid Big Block Chevrolet

New flat tappet camshaft is first ever COMP Cams® offering of an off-the-shelf camshaft for NHRA Stock Eliminator competition

NHRA Stock Eliminator is one of the most competitive categories of quarter mile drag racing competition in the country. Closely monitored by an army of NHRA tech inspectors, Stock Eliminator racers covet any legal advantage they can find when building their engines. COMP Cams® new NHRA Stock Eliminator Camshafts and individually matched valve train packages for 375hp/396cid Big Block Chevrolet engines are 100 percent legal and have been track tested by top engine builders looking for the hottest performing camshaft they can find.

The new COMP Cams® NHRA Stock Eliminator Camshaft for 375hp/396cid Engines were built to provide a convenient and easy starting point for racers wanting to build competitive race engines and help solve a critical piece of the puzzle for the Stock Eliminator racer. Don’t be fooled, these camshafts feature COMP Cams® cutting edge engineering and technology rather than replicating 40-year-old OE cam designs and are a critical piece of a well designed valve train package. In addition, these camshafts are nitrided at the COMP Cams® facility to ensure proper protection during break-in and extend the overall durability of the flat tappet camshaft.

For more information about the COMP Cams® NHRA Stock Eliminator Camshaft for 375hp/396cid Engines or any other COMP Cams® product, call us at 1-800-999-0853, or visit us online at www.compcams.com.

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