GMS LMM Big G Diesel Flash Tool

Owners of 2007.5 – 2008 GM trucks with the Duramax LMM diesel engine rejoice! The Granatelli Big G flash tool (P/N 989717-135) is packed with powerful and innovative features like being the fastest downloader on the market. It’s the easiest way to add up to 110 horsepower and 250 ft. lbs. torque to the rear wheels. And, it offers the lowest exhaust gas temperatures of any tuner on the market. By increasing fuel economy from 1 to 4 MPG (depending on your driving style), The Granatelli Big G flash tool is a great fuel saving device. What’s more, you can remove the top speed limiter and command DPF regeneration. The Granatelli Big G flash tool provides full scan tool capability by reading and erasing engine and transmission fault codes. Plus, you can retrain the transmission and recalibrate the speedometer for different tire sizes and/or gear ratios. The Granatelli Big G flash tool provides real time data read out and easy updatability via the built-in USB connection. All features of the Granatelli Big G flash tool are available independently so you can tune your truck to fit your needs. Lastly, installation won’t void your warranty and all features can easily be removed for service then re-installed. The Granatelli Big G flash tools for 2007.5-08 LMM Duramax diesel equipped GM trucks are available wherever Granatelli Motor Sports’ product is sold. For more information, please call 805-486-6644 or visit http://www.granatellimotorsports.com/product_display.php?gid=334.

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