Thumpr™ NSR Ford 4.6L/5.4L Modular 3V Cams (No Springs Required)

COMP Cams® extends Thumpr™ Cam line to provide Ford Modular 3 Valve engines with an aggressive idle & increased power, all while keeping stock valve springs

Ford built a great car in the ‘05-‘09 S197 Mustang, but with a little help from COMP Cams® it can sound and perform like a real “hot rod”. To even the playing field on the street and strip, engineers at COMP Cams® have recently designed a line of Thumpr™ Camshafts specifically for Ford 3 valve engine technology. The Thumpr™ Cam Sets for Ford 4.6L/5.4L Modular 3V Engines deliver an aggressive “thumping” exhaust idle and generous power gains in the middle and upper rpm range.

These new hydraulic roller camshafts will turn your naturally aspirated or blower-equipped Ford 3 valve engine into a performance machine with a minimum of installation difficulty, requiring only the addition of the COMP Cams® Cam Phaser Limiter Kit (#5449) and computer tuning. The COMP Cams® Cam Phaser Limiter Kit safely modifies the factory variable cam timing (VCT) system, allowing the use of aggressive camshaft lobe technology without sacrificing the benefits of the VCT. Another interesting feature is that the camshaft is compatible with stock valve springs, eliminating expensive valve spring changes.

Like the original Thumpr™ Camshaft line, the Ford camshafts have three different grind profiles for each engine, all of which will produce a rough, racy exhaust note and impressive gains in horsepower and torque. In fact, extensive testing of these new combinations has confirmed repeatable power gains of 25+ rear wheel horsepower with no sacrifices in long term durability.

For more information about the COMP Cams® Thumpr™ NSR Ford 4.6L/5.4L Modular 3V Cams or any other COMP Cams® product, call us at 1-800-999-0853, or visit us online at www.compcams.com.

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