COMP Cams®-Powered, E85-Fueled Mustang Shatters Speed Record At Bonneville At Over 250 MPH

Brent Hajek celebrates 40th anniversary of record-setting Mickey Thompson Mustangs with 2008 5.4-liter Ford Mustang that resets C Blown Fuel Altered record

Powered by specially-designed COMP Cams® Ford 3V camshafts and valve springs, Brent Hajek's 2008 Ford Mustang broke the previous C Blown Fuel Altered Bonneville record of 246 mph with a top speed effort of 251.9 mph. Working closely with COMP Cams® engineers to design the proper camshaft profiles for the E85-fueled race car, engine builders Dick Esch and Duane Parker at More Power in Sparta, MI, along with the rest of Hajek's Mustang team, drove the production-bodied Mustang into the record books.

“On our first run we came within one mile per hour of the record,” proudly stated Hajek. “I believe that we can go 260 mph with the car in its current configuration. We believe we have the fastest production E85 Mustang ever built. Speed TV’s David Despain stated that it is ‘arguably the fastest Mustang on the planet’.”

The motivating story behind Hajek’s Bonneville Mustang is truly amazing. A corn farmer and racecar museum owner from Oklahoma, Hajek had heard about a series of Ford Mustang Mach I’s fielded 40 years ago by the legendary racer and racecar builder, Mickey Thompson. In 1969, Thompson created three Mach I Mustangs, painted different colors, and set about breaking 295 Bonneville records according to Hajek. While the red and yellow racecars were destroyed long ago, Hajek tracked the final elusive blue car to Thompson’s son Danny in Telluride, CO, still completely intact. Today that vehicle is the crowing jewel in the Hajek car museum.

“We had a lot of fun building this car which is the result of way too many dollars and covering way too many miles,” stated Hajek. “We are taking the car to the upcoming SEMA show where it will be on display in the Ford booth. If you’re there come on by and see the car!”

Noted one Ford official, “Conducting this effort with E85 is consistent with and supports Ford's focus of expanding the use of ‘green fuels’ for not only customers of production vehicles, but also for racing venues.”

To see the video of the Hajek COMP Cams®-powered, Bonneville record-shattering Mustang or information about COMP Cams products visit us online at www.compcams.com or call us at 1-800-999-0853.

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