TCI® GM 4L80E Full Manual Transbrake Transmissions

Equipped with a Pro Tree transbrake, the new GM 4L80E manual shifting transmission from TCI® combines daily driver street reliability with all-out racing features

With any performance drivetrain system that employs the use of a transbrake, consistency is the key to success. Developed using the latest in drivetrain technology, the new GM 4L80E Full Manual Transbrake Transmission from TCI® is able to keep the vehicle safely staged while still allowing the engine to rev, providing the hardest launch possible. This full manual, reverse shift pattern transmission system is capable of handling up to 850 horsepower street/race applications, far more than previously possible with lighter weight transmissions and transbrakes.

With its high performance pressure regulator system, the transmission receives increased line pressure that’s much more consistent than the factory 4L80E model. The heavy-duty direct clutch pack components utilized by these TCI® Transbrake Transmissions not only provide quicker release times, but they also improve overall drivetrain efficiency and durability.

Installation is easy, as the Pro Tree transbrake is completely hidden inside the case, and because this transmission is a full manual set-up absolutely no electronics, computers or transmission control units are required. This also enables use of the factory transmission pan to allow increased ground clearance for street cars. This transmission also utilizes a fourth gear torque converter lockup that increases long-term reliability, while its unique HDT (Heat Dissipating Technology™) Coating™ allows for much cooler operating temperatures in the drivetrain.

For extra insurance, every transmission is triple tested (including fully dyno tested) with the results of the tests included with each TCI® transmission. To learn more about the TCI® GM 4L80E Transbrake Transmissions, call us at 1-888-776-9824, or visit us at www.tciauto.com.

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