Quarter Master® Clutchless Bellhousing Kits

Quarter Master® Clutchless Bellhousing Kits

New aluminum and magnesium bellhousing kits offer turnkey solution for circle track racers using popular internal clutch transmissions

Quarter Master® has recently designed the ultimate bellhousing kit for circle track racers using popular Bert/Brinn internal clutch transmissions and driveline-powered external oil pumps. Available for popular Chevy, Dodge, Ford and Toyota Small Block V8 applications, these “system engineered” kits include all of the critical components required for maximum driveline durability and reduced rotating weight (quicker deceleration and improved throttle response).

The centerpieces of these unique new kits are the fatigue-resistant Quarter Master® Bellhousings, which are available in both aluminum and magnesium versions. These CAD-designed bellhousings contain a reinforced starter mount that accepts reverse mount starters from Quarter Master® and other popular brands. Additionally, the bellhousings feature a bolt-on oil pump bracket with provisions for both top and side mount oil pumps. With the oil pump bracket tying into both the engine flange and the bellhousing, the design provides increased rigidity and addresses a common source of cracking with lesser quality bellhousings. To ensure perfect driveline alignment and ease of transmission installation, each Quarter Master® Bellhousing is precision machined to the closest tolerances in the industry.

Aside from the bellhousing, these kits include a U.S.-built and blueprinted Quarter Master® Reverse-Mount Starter that eliminates the need to use failure-prone idler assemblies. Another key component is the Quarter Master® Aluminum 91-Tooth Flywheel with Steel Ring Gear. The flywheel design offers the best of both worlds by utilizing a steel ring gear for strength and durability while using the aluminum to greatly reduce rotating weight – thereby improving throttle response and corner braking. Also included are the bolt-on oil pump bracket, heavy-duty oil pump drive belt, belt drive hub and quality mounting hardware. Each clutchless bellhousing kit is designed to provide race-winning performance and durability for modified and late model circle track racing – whether it’s on dirt or pavement.

Quarter Master® manufactures industry-leading driveline components that are built to handle the rigors of even the most hardcore racing applications. For more information on any Quarter Master® product, call us at 1-888-CLUTCH-1, or visit us online at www.quartermasterusa.com.

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