COMP Cams® Expands Lightweight Tool Steel Retainer Line

New line of lightweight, competition-strength tool steel retainers to include Beehive™ Valve Springs among other performance applications

Valve train manufacturer COMP Cams® has recently expanded its line of Lightweight Tool Steel Retainers. Now included in the product line are Beehive™ Valve Spring-compatible retainers as well as designs for new dual spring applications. Originally available for 1.437" and 1.500" diameter dual valve springs and accommodating COMP Cams® 10° Super Locks™, these retainers have proven to be a performer on the dyno, the street and at the track and are now being introduced to a broader range of valve train applications.

It used to be thought by many that the only way to upgrade your retainers was to settle for the high cost and wear concerns of titanium. However, the new COMP Cams® Lightweight Tool Steel Retainers provide the best of all worlds by delivering light weight, as well as exceptional strength/wear and a more affordable price. Approximately 33 percent lighter than chromemoly steel retainers and only 2-4 grams heavier than titanium (depending on application), COMP Cams® Lightweight Tool Steel Retainers are built to withstand even the most demanding street and race conditions.

COMP Cams® Lightweight Tool Steel Retainers are designed using the latest FEA and CAD software to deliver the perfect balance of weight and strength. The density of Tool Steel allows these retainers to be CNC-machined to cover only 70 percent of the valve spring, thereby significantly reducing weight while retaining optimum strength. When used as part of a well-engineered valve train, they provide superior control over valve motion and high rpm stability – a feat once thought to be possible only with more expensive titanium retainers.

With proven strength, performance and value, these retainers are the perfect solution for many racing applications, as well as high performance street engines. For more information about the COMP Cams® Lightweight Tool Steel Retainers or any other COMP Cams® product, call 1-800-999-0853 or visit us online at www.compcams.com.

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