ProRacing Sim™ FastLapSim5™ Top-Of-The-Line Road Racing Simulation Software

Design, build & track-test any vehicle on any closed course with the latest, most accurate version of the FastLapSim5™ software from ProRacing Sim™

Building a competitive road racing vehicle is a never-ending search for the perfect combination of suspension, tires, gear ratios, braking points, steering path and a hundred other variables needed to arrive at the winner’s circle. Thanks to FastLapSim5™ from ProRacing Sim™, any road racing enthusiast with a PC can accurately simulate vehicle components, try unique combinations and test the entire vehicle on any closed-course – all without twisting a single wrench or buying any parts. Easily tests suspension setups, gear ratios, engine power curves, shifting and braking points and much more.

Enthusiasts can select from any of the 30+ built-in tracks, skid pads and slaloms. By using the powerful, built-in Track Editor™, anyone can add more tracks or design his or her own custom track layouts. Tracks can be built with any length, varying widths, and any number of turns. Advanced simulation techniques calculate an optimum driving path and precise braking points through every turn and straightaway.

New FastLapSim5™ is an easy-to-use and remarkably accurate road-course simulation that is fun to use and guaranteed to improve the handling and performance of your next project vehicle. A top-of-the-line simulation from ProRacing Sim™, FastLapSim5™ runs on any Microsoft Windows-equipped PC (compatible with 95/98/Me/2000/XP and Vista) and is fully compatible with all DeskTop Dyno5™, DynoSim5™ and Dynomation5™ engine files. For more information about the ProRacing Sim™ FastLapSim5™ or any other ProRacing Sim™ software product, call 901-259-2355, or visit us online at www.proracingsim.com.

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