ProRacing Sim™ DeskTop Drag5™ Drag Race Simulation

Easy-to-use software from ProRacing Sim™ accurately models the drag race winning potential of any automobile, dragster or even motorcycle on 1/8- and 1/4-mile drag strips

Given the vast array of performance options available today, guessing the performance potential of any parts combination can be tough, if not impossible. With new DeskTop Drag5™ software from ProRacing Sim™, performance enthusiasts can take advantage of an inexpensive, yet highly accurate 1/8- and 1/4-mile drag race simulation that predicts the winning potential of any automobile, dragster or motorcycle. The fifth edition of this performance software offers unprecedented accuracy at a new low cost. Plus, full compatibility with DeskTop Dyno5™ and DynoSim5™ engine files is provided.

The DeskTop Drag5™ uses an innovative custom interface that displays component parts on the left side of the screen and race results on the right. Direct-Click™ menus allow the best selection of parts and custom vehicle specifications. Nothing could be easier. This innovative software will test a virtually unlimited range of engine power curves, transmissions, gears, clutches, torque converters, launch and shift rpm, aerodynamics and more. Results displays include acceleration, engine speeds, clutch and tire slippage, elapsed times and vehicle speeds.

There is no other drag racing or vehicle simulation software that compares with the DeskTop Drag5™ in cost, professional features and accuracy. DeskTop Drag5™ runs on any Microsoft Windows-equipped PC (compatible with 95/98/Me/2000/XP and Vista). For more information about the ProRacing Sim™ DeskTop Drag5™ or any other ProRacing Sim™ software product, call 901-259-2355, or visit us online at www.proracingsim.com.

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