COMP Cams® Adds Three XFI™ Mechanical Roller Camshafts For GM Gen III (LS1, -2, -6) Engines

New camshaft line delivers solid roller performance to street-driven Gen III engines

Ever since its introduction, GM’s Gen III (LS1,-2,-6) engine has quickly become the “preferred choice” among many engine builders and performance enthusiasts. Right from the factory, the GM Gen III engine boasts a surprisingly efficient induction design, reduced weight and impressive power output. As the leading developer of high performance Gen III valve train technology, COMP Cams® has engineered a full line of products proven to release the incredible horsepower and torque hidden inside while never sacrificing ever-critical reliability. Regardless of the application, COMP Cams® has the GM Gen III engine products that deliver the performance you demand.

In their never-ending quest to raise the bar of street-able performance, the design engineers at COMP Cams® have added three brand-new solid roller profiles to their already impressive lineup of Gen III-specific cams. Engineered specifically to take advantage of the phenomenal efficiency of the FAST™ LSX™ Intake Manifold, the newest members of the XFI™ line of Gen III camshafts deliver some of the most aggressive lobe profiles that have ever been designed for street driven Gen III-powered vehicles – resulting in massive increases in horsepower output, throttle response and upper rpm capability over the factory hydraulic roller patterns.

The XFI™ Street Solid Roller Series features 3 camshaft patterns for applications ranging from high performance street to high rpm drag/road race. These patterns are designed specifically to be run in 1997 to current LS1, LS2 and LS6-based engines with the new COMP Cams® Endure-X™ Gen III Solid Roller Lifters and Part #26921 Dual Valve Springs. The LSX™ Intake Manifold is recommended for best performance with all patterns. For more information about the COMP Cams® XFI™ Street Solid Roller Camshafts for GM Gen III engines, please call us at 1-800-999-0853, or visit us online at www.compcams.com.

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