ProRacing Sim™ DragSim5™ Top-Of-The-Line Drag Racing Simulation Software

Find the best drag-racing setup for any car, motorcycle or dragster in just seconds with this state-of-the-art vehicle simulation from ProRacing Sim™

Finding the right driveline, gear ratios, shift points and other vehicle characteristics for optimal street or dragstrip performance can be an expensive, trial-and-error process. With new DragSim5™, street and strip enthusiasts can build and drag test any vehicle imaginable on a 1/8- or 1/4-mile dragstrip! This state-of-the art simulation software accurately determines elapsed times and speeds for front- or rear-wheel drive, domestic or sport-compact vehicles, and motorcycles.

DragSim5™ displays vehicle components on the left side of the screen and performance data on the right. Components can be changed by simply clicking on any part – vehicle “telemetry” curves are instantly updated. A PopUp TimeSlip™, similar in appearance to a paper time slip, is delivered at the end of a simulation run, providing an instant summary of the overall performance potential. Nothing could be easier. DragSim5™ also includes our exclusive Traction Calculator™ that quickly optimizes tire/track modeling and improves simulation accuracy. Now, test any engine power curve through manual or automatic transmissions with any gear ratio, any vehicle weight, wheelbase, driving style and weather conditions. DragSim5™ is amazingly accurate and fun to use, too.

DragSim5™ is fully compatible with DeskTop Dyno5™, DynoSim5™ and Dynomation5™ engine files. A top-of-the-line simulation from ProRacing Sim™, DragSim5™ runs on any Microsoft Windows-equipped PC (compatible with 95/98/Me/2000/XP and Vista). For more information about the ProRacing Sim™ DragSim5™ or any other ProRacing Sim™ software product, call 901-259-2355, or visit us online at www.proracingsim.com.

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