RHS™ Indy 360 X Cylinder Heads

RHS™ airflow specialists team up with Chrysler experts at Indy Cylinder Head to develop powerful cast iron replacement head for Small Block LA & Magnum applications

Thanks to the combined efforts of RHS™ and Indy Cylinder Heads, Mopar enthusiasts will finally get the performance small block head they deserve. A cast iron replacement, the RHS™ Indy 360 X Head series is designed for both Small Block LA and Magnum applications (318-360-415cid). With a host of additions and improvements over the factory originals, these heads are an easy way to get 400 to 550 horsepower out of your Mopar-powered street machine.

Features of these impressive heads include 179cc intake and 67cc exhaust runners, a 62cc combustion chamber, hardened multi-angle intake and radiused exhaust valve seats, an improved valve guide design and a highly efficient water jacket to prevent engine hot spots. The RHS™ Indy 360 X Cylinder Heads also come with an extra thick deck surface to enable angle milling for compression. The 360 X series is divided into two sub-series: the LA-X for Chrysler LA-style engines and the MA-X for Magnum applications.

The LA-X head uses the standard intake manifold and rocker shaft. It is drilled for the proper valve cover and gasket and contains both Chrysler LA and Magnum accessory holes on both ends of the head. Designed for use with the Magnum intake manifold, rocker arms, and valve covers, the MA-X head is the second option of the RHS™ Indy 360 X series and features a Magnum pedestal that is large enough to enable 7/16”-14 drilling and tapping for use with stud-mounted rocker arms and guide plates. Both sub-series are designed for use with 8mm intake (1.92” diameter) and exhaust valves (1.625” diameter).

For more information about the RHS™ Indy 360 X Cylinder Heads or any other RHS™ product, call us at 1-877-776-4323, or visit us online at www.racingheadservice.com.

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