Quarter Master® 5.5" Steel V-Drive Bellhousing Kits

Quarter Master® introduces steel bellhousing kits for Chevy Crate & Late Model Stock applications that include state-of-the-art components for maximum driveline performance

Some Late Model racing classes mandate the use of OEM diameter flexplates with a steel bellhousing, but that doesn’t mean there’s not performance & durability to be gained by selecting the right driveline set-up. Offering the lowest moment of inertia and the best quality of components in the industry, the Quarter Master® 5.5" Steel V-Drive Bellhousing Kits ensure that both acceleration and deceleration are improved, while still giving you maximum driveline durability and rules legality. These lightweight kits combine state-of-the-art engineering and years of racing expertise to give you the perfect combination of quality and value.

These premium kits feature a CNC-machined, lightweight steel bellhousing (18 lbs.) that ensures proper concentricity for reduced driveline wear, an ultra light flexplate that reduces the moment of inertia and a 2 disc (Crate) or 3 disc (Late Model Stock) V-Drive Clutch with a balanced button flywheel. CNC-machining the bellhousing ensures concentricity and parallelism, and it accepts Quarter Master® Tri-Lite or Floating Hydraulic Throw-Out Bearings. The 5.5" V-Drive Multi-Disc Clutch offers better cooling, allows clutch dust to easily escape the unit and also lowers the moment of inertia. The balanced button flywheel is the best complement to the ultra light flexplate, as it provides the lightest crate clutch for your performance dollar.

With features that significantly improve throttle response and deceleration, along with advanced engineering and manufacturing techniques, this bellhousing kit is a “must have” for Chevy Crate and Late Model Stock racers. For more information about the Quarter Master® 5.5" Steel V-Drive Bellhousing Kits or any other Quarter Master® product, call us at 1-888-CLUTCH-1 or visit us online at www.quartermasterusa.com.

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