Quarter Master® Ultra-Duty Starter For Bert/Brinn/Falcon Bellhousings

Driveline innovator introduces premium replacement starter for Bert/Brinn/Falcon clutchless bellhousing kits with idler gears

Many racers tend to focus on saving money, which frequently results in the purchase of less expensive starters and other components that are rarely given much thought in the short-term. Eventually, these lesser quality starters will fail. A racer will then purchase another inexpensive starter, and it too will fail, thus costing more money in the long run than if a high-quality starter had been purchased in the beginning. After seeing consumers face this issue, Quarter Master® developed a starter with 1.4 kilowatts of power designed for Bert/Brinn/Falcon idler gear bellhousing kits that provides a premium blueprinted and American-built starter that provides racers hours of reliable performance when it really counts.

The Quarter Master® Ultra-Duty Starter for Bert/Brinn/Falcon Bellhousings is constructed from genuine Hitachi components that are inspected and hand-assembled at the Quarter Master® headquarters in the United States. In addition, each one of these starters undergoes rigorous dyno testing to ensure efficient mechanical operation that will equal increases in rpm, torque and overall starter life. The starter also features a Quarter Master® pinion gear that is designed with a lightweight head for a much tighter tolerance in run-out, allowing for much more efficient flywheel engagement. The CNC-machined mounting blocks allow for a perfect fit, while the top-quality solenoid and ball bearing assembly tolerate even the highest engine operating temperatures and extreme vibrations.

This standard rotation replacement starter is available for most popular Chevy, Ford and Dodge asphalt and dirt circle track racing applications that use Bert/Brinn/Falcon clutchless bellhousing kits with an idler gear. For more information about the Quarter Master® Ultra-Duty Starter for Bert/Brinn/Falcon Bellhousings, call us at 1-888-CLUTCH-1 or visit us online at www.quartermasterusa.com.

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