Quarter Master® Service Packs for 5.5" Clutches

Maximize the integrity of your Quarter Master® clutch unit to avoid failure & enhance performance by utilizing the all-new Clutch Service Pack

Reliability is paramount in motorsports. This is never truer than for clutches and driveline components. During the inspection procedure of clutch units, key components are often overlooked, which can lead to undue and untimely failure on the track. In order to avoid these kinds of failures, Quarter Master® has introduced all-new service kits for their extensive line of 5.5" multi-disc clutch units.

During inspection, racers and builders immediately examine the friction discs but frequently overlook the importance of the pressure plate and floater plates contained within the clutch housing. While these parts don’t suffer as high a wear rate as the friction disc, they are still susceptible to some wear from use. Without full attention to all of the components within the clutch unit, a competitor may be doomed to the sidelines prematurely.

To avoid this, simply change the used internal clutch components with the new Quarter Master® Service Packs for 5.5" Clutches. In doing so, you will increase the holding capacity of the clutch, improve pedal feel and drivability, and increase torque capacity. These kits include the appropriate disc packs utilizing the latest in friction material, floaters, pressure plates, flange nuts and washers for each unique application. By providing these internal components as a complete kit, Quarter Master® is able to deliver to the racer an affordable option to having to replace a complete clutch unit and ensure their competiveness on the track. Available for Quarter Master® 5.5" Pro Series, V-Drive and Optimum V-Drive 2 or 3 Disc Clutches.

For more information about the new Quarter Master® Service Packs for 5.5" Clutches, including a complete application listing, call us at 1-888-CLUTCH-1 or visit us online at www.quartermasterusa.com.

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