7.25" Steel V-Drive Bellhousing Kits

Quarter Master® introduces “system engineered” steel bellhousing kits for Modified & Super Late Models with state-of-the-art components for maximum driveline performance

Some Late Model and Modified racing classes mandate the use of OEM-diameter flexplates with a steel bellhousing, but that doesn’t mean there’s not performance & durability to be gained by selecting the right driveline set-up. Offering the lowest moment of inertia and the best quality of components in the industry, the Quarter Master® 7.25" Steel V-Drive Bellhousing Kits ensure that both acceleration and deceleration are improved, while still giving you maximum driveline durability and rules legality. These lightweight kits combine state-of-the-art engineering and years of racing expertise to give you the perfect combination of quality and value.
These premium kits feature a lightweight CNC-machined steel bellhousing (18 lbs.) that ensures proper concentricity for reduced driveline wear, an ultra light flexplate that reduces the moment of inertia and a 2 or 3-disc V-drive clutch with a balanced button flywheel. The 7.25" V-drive multi-disc clutch offers better cooling, allows clutch dust to easily escape the unit and lowers the moment of inertia. The balanced button flywheel is the best complement to the ultra-light flexplate, as it provides the lightest clutch for your performance dollar.

The CNC-machined lightweight steel bellhousing accepts Quarter Master® Tri-Lite or Floating Hydraulic Throw-Out Bearings to increase concentricity and parallelism. With features that significantly improve throttle response and deceleration, along with advanced Quarter Master® engineering and manufacturing techniques, this kit a “must have” investment for the Chevy crate racer. For more information about the Quarter Master® 7.25" Steel V-Drive Bellhousing Kits or any other Quarter Master® product, call us at 1-888-CLUTCH-1 or visit us online at www.quartermasterusa.com.

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