Quarter Master® Starter Core Exchange Program

Driveline innovator introduces exchange program to maintain the integrity of the highest quality starters in the performance aftermarket

Even the most reliable products require periodic inspection and maintenance to ensure their continued service life. With that in mind, Quarter Master® has introduced its new Starter Core Exchange Program, specifically designed to protect customer investment in the highest-quality starters on the market. The program allows customers to send used Quarter Master® starters back to the company’s facility, where the starter’s core is then exchanged for a new one. With this new exchange program, customers are able to maintain the value of their Quarter Master® Ultra-Duty™ Starter for less than the cost of an inferior product.

To qualify for the Quarter Master® Starter Core Exchange program, all starters must be returned directly to the Quarter Master® facility (starters will not be accepted through the nation-wide dealer network). Upon receipt, the starter will first be inspected to verify that it is an original Quarter Master® Starter and not previously rebuilt using inferior, substandard components. In addition, the starter will be inspected for any potential crash and internal damage due to improper wiring. Any of these issues will make the starter ineligible for the exchange program.

Following inspection, the drive and nose from the existing starter are removed and assembled onto a hand-built starter. If it is determined that these parts require service, additional costs may be incurred beyond the standard exchange. When the final rebuild is completed, each starter is re-inspected and dyno-tested to verify that it meets the strict quality requirements of Quarter Master®. The entire procedure can be completed in a very short time, oftentimes within one day of receipt of the starter. Participation in this program will not only save time for the racer but also money. The cost of exchanging a Quarter Master® Reverse Rotation Ultra-Duty™ Starter is $175 plus shipping and handling, while the cost for a Quarter Master® Standard Rotation Ultra-Duty™ Starter is $150 plus shipping and handling.

Quarter Master® is known throughout the performance aftermarket for the quality and preparation put into every starter they manufacture. Using genuine Hitachi parts, every starter is blueprinted and individually hand-assembled. After assembly, each starter is then thoroughly dyno-tested to ensure proper performance.

For additional information on the Quarter Master® Starter Core Exchange Program or any Quarter Master® product, please contact us at 1-888-258-8241, or visit us online at www.quartermasterusa.com.

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