COMP Cams® To Sponsor 4th Annual Hot Rod Magazine Pump Gas Drags

Expanded field of cars, move to Saturday and rule changes are sure to increase competition and crowd appeal at May 12, 2007 event

It’s happening again. The fourth annual running of the COMP Cams®-sponsored Hot Rod Magazine Pump Gas Drags is back with some improvements which are sure to enhance racer fun and crowd entertainment. Moved from a traditionally Friday event to Saturday, the Pump Gas Drags field has been expanded to 75 cars, up from 50 invitees of the last two years, both moves that are sure to increase the non-stop action and spectator appeal of the show. COMP Cams® will again host the all-important tech session for all 75 participants at their headquarters in Memphis, TN.

The Pump Gas Drags is a unique event challenging high performance race/street cars to not only pass a rigorous tech inspection and race on 93-octane Rockett Brand “pump” gas, but to drive from the tech inspection area at the COMP Cams® corporate headquarters to the Memphis Motorsports Park (MMP) without the aid of support vehicles. As has been the practice in the past, all participants and visitors will be able to tour the COMP Performance Group™ facilities while the tech inspections are being conducted and view the manufacturing facility of the “absolute leader in advanced valve train development”.

This year the Pump Gas Drag’s driving segment, since it occurs on a reduced traffic day, will increase in length from 20 miles to 30 miles and each vehicle’s hood will be sealed once it completes tech inspection at COMP Cams® headquarters so no repairs or work (or even shutting off the engine to keep things cool) will be allowed. Once they arrive at the track, participants are allowed to tune their vehicles for an all out drag racing elimination-style event after qualifying for the 32-car competition. As an added draw, racers who do not qualify for the event will be allowed to enter the exhibition “grudge” racing event which will be staged between rounds to keep the racing action constant. In addition, arrangements are currently being finalized to have some very special professional drag racers make exhibition runs, including possibly even multi-time IHRA national champion Clay Millican.

For more information about the COMP Cams®-sponsored Hot Rod Magazine 2007 Pump Gas Drags visit us online at www.compcams.comor www.hotrod.com. Stay posted for updates leading up to this exciting event.

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