Quarter Master® Ultra-Duty™ Starters

Premium Ultra-Duty™ Starters from Quarter Master® prove to be the ultimate choice for drag race engines, as well as high compression street applications

Drawing on 50+ years of designing track-proven, race-winning drivetrain components, the engineers at Quarter Master® have applied their experience and attention to detail to create the ultimate starter for both drag race and high compression street applications. Quarter Master® Ultra-Duty™ Starters are built to exceed a driver’s demand and need for reliable durability.

Ultra-Duty™ Starters are made using high-quality components that are blueprinted, assembled and tested at the Quarter Master® facilities outside of Chicago, IL. With an impressive 2.0kw of cranking power, they can easily handle the needs of high horsepower, high torque applications. Gear reduction engineering further increases torque for a long life of consistent starts while the full ball bearing construction and heavy-duty solenoids ensure that this tough, reliable starter is capable of withstanding the aggressive demands and temperatures of drag race engines and even some high compression street vehicles.

Available for popular high performance Chevy, Ford and Chrysler applications, each Ultra-Duty™ Starter is fitted with a custom adapter mount that accurately locates the pinion gear for a perfect mesh fit with the flywheel. Every Ultra-Duty™ Starter undergoes rigorous dyno testing to ensure you receive the ultimate in performance and durability so you never get left behind.

Engineered by racers for racers, Quarter Master® Ultra-Duty™ Starters are the most dependable starters on the market today. You will save money in the long run by purchasing just one quality starter from Quarter Master® instead of several less expensive units from other manufacturers. For more information about Quarter Master® Ultra-Duty™ Starters, call us at 1-888-258-8241, or visit us online at www.quartermasterusa.com.

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