Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge Winner Announced

Schurbon Engine and Machine declared winner of the 2010 AMSOIL/Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge held at the COMP Cams® R&D facility in Memphis, Tennessee

The nation’s top Mopar engine builders traveled to the COMP Cams® R&D facility for the 2010 AMSOIL/Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge, which took place September 13-15. After an exciting three days of teams strapping their Small Block Mopars to the dyno, Schurbon Engine and Machine was declared the winner in a repeat of their win last year.

This year's challenge featured the Small Block Mopar with RHS®/Indy Pro Action™ 360 X Cast Iron Cylinder Heads. While teams could build their engines with parts from any manufacturer, many of the teams chose to use COMP Cams® products in their builds. The winning team utilized COMP Cams® roller rocker arms and lifters, as well as a custom ground camshaft designed by COMP Cams® engine builder Chris Padgitt.

Two teams strapped their engines to the dyno per day, with Schurbon Engine and Machine going first. After quickly making their qualifying pulls, the team decided to swap cams during their timed scoring session. The big risk paid off, and the team’s 340c.i. engine made 511 horsepower. No other team could top their 1.5 horsepower per cubic inch score. However, the competition was so tight that less than 11 horsepower separated first and second place. Promax made over 500 horsepower from a 344 c.i. engine to claim second place while the Mid America Racing Engines team took home the honor of most power when their 408c.i. engine made a whopping 580 horsepower at 7,000 RPM.

Testing was done via 600 RPM-per-second acceleration tests, with all data gathered after starting each pull at 3,000 RPM. Each team first had to complete at least three non-scored “qualifying” pulls during a 45-minute time period. Immediately afterwards, another 45-minutes were allotted for “scored pulls” to at least 7,000 RPM. Each team had to make at least three scoring pulls; the one with the highest horsepower numbers were recorded. The peak horsepower was then divided by the engine’s cubic inches. In the end, Schurbon Engine and Machine won for the second consecutive year with the highest horsepower per cubic inch rating – 511 HP in a 340c.i. engine for 1.5 HP per cubic inch.

To view the complete results for the 2010 AMSOIL/Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge, visit www.moparmusclemagazine.com. For more information about COMP Cams® events or products, call 1-800-999-0853, or visit us online at www.compcams.com.

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