COMP Cams® To Broadcast Third Annual Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge

Highlights of this immensely popular engine dyno competition to be broadcast over www.powerperformancetv.com network

COMP Cams® will use the power of its highly successful www.powerperformancetv.com online television network to broadcast video highlights of the Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge. Daily highlights will be posted beginning on Sept. 18, 2007; the day after the Challenge begins, and will continue throughout the week and conclude on Sept 21. The broadcast will detail the excitement of the Engine Challenge, including the dyno testing of all eight engines in the competition. The dyno portion of the challenge will be staged at the COMP Cams® R&D facility in Memphis, TN, where engine builders will be focused on making maximum horsepower and torque numbers between 3,000 and 7,000 rpm while running on 93-octane fuel.

This year, Small Block Mopar engines are the focus of the Challenge, ranging in displacement from 318 through 410cid. The title Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge Champion will go to the engine builder that, after adding the top hp and torque figures together as generated on the COMP Cams® dyno and then dividing by the total cost of parts purchased to build the engine, achieves the highest point total. The official announcement of the winner of the Challenge will be posted on the Mopar Muscle website.

“We have a varied assortment of engine builders ready to take on the dyno for this year’s small block-based Engine Challenge,” stated Mopar Muscle editor Randy Bolig. “We have four returning competitors and four first timers that should make for some exciting competition. This event has proven very successful for many of the previous contestants by increasing their visibility within the marketplace. One of our previous engine builders had to increase his staff to handle the demand derived from the exposure he received from this competition.”

So don’t forget to visit www.powerperformancetv.com beginning Sept. 18, 2007 to catch all the action. Viewers will be able to download the video at any time after that point so they can watch as often as they like. For more information about the Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge, visit www.moparmusclemagazine.com. For information about any COMP Cams® related topics and/or products, call us at 1-800-999-0853, or visit us online at www.compcams.com.

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